Friday, December 9, 2016

Welcome to Education Resources, LLC.

As many of you already know, Mark Rattermann has decided to step away from Education
Resources, LLC.  The ownership has already transferred and we intend to keep the
changes to a minimum.  Our focus will be directed at improving all systems.

Let’s start with a quick introduction.   Nick and Jason Tillema are Indiana appraisers who’ve
been involved in the Indiana real estate market for a combined sixty years.  Most of you know Nick and a few know Jason, if not, you’ve likely heard Nick talk about Jason and his two sisters in the classroom.  Both gentlemen are active appraisers, have been heavily involved in the valuation and REALTOR community, and have been teaching for most of those 60 years. Their vision for Education Resources centers on enhancing the learning experience by combining new and current topics with new teaching techniques.  The immediate changes are few but, we hope, dynamic.

* One of our first orders of business was to create a more user-friendly website. We would like to welcome you to our new web presence with the same web address of We will continue to post both Education Resource and Appraisal Institute classes with the various dates, times, fee, etc.,  but you will now be able to register directly from the website.  And you will still be able to pay when you arrive at the classroom, just as you always have.

* Part of that revised website is this Appraiser Blog in which we hope to keep you abreast of current events, appraiser issues, and our take on life in general.

* So, there is the new website – will there be a new location? Short answer…nope! Mark’s classroom is right down the hall from our offices at 9247 North Meridian Street.  There has already been a few changes in the classroom – including a more visible audio/visual system. We will continue to use the 2nd floor classroom and plan to contract with the same facilities Mark has utilized in other parts of the state.

* One of our most important changes is the introduction of our new Executive Director – Jen Tillema. She will be coordinating the class schedules, answering your questions, and basically keeping Nick and Jason focused on creating and delivering quality education. For those of you who know and are familiar with Marian, Jen will be fulfilling that role.

We are currently developing several new classes - including a class on easily developing adjustments for residential appraisers.  We’ll also be offering USPAP beginning in late 2017 through late June 2018. Our desire is to provide classes, tools, and techniques which will help increase your personal productivity, competency, and efficiency.

Finally, we want to thank Mark Rattermann (and Marian) for their years of hard work, dedication, and devotion to the education of Indiana’s appraisers.  Mark has agreed to continue to teach as we need him or as he sees a specific need.  Education Resource was his baby and we plan to continue his dream.

We would also like to thank you for the support and well wishes we have received over the past year. We know the only way to continue the success of Education Resources is with your support. And with that in mind, we plan to keep the changes minimal, the quality high, and costs reasonable.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

        Jennifer Tillema
        Executive Director